At last. The leave of absence experience has gone digital.

Veer empowers employers to be there for their people in the critical moments that matter.


Employee & manager support requests

Today’s leave experience can feel a lot like the DMV…in the ‘90s. That’s an expensive problem. We’re fixing it.

Deliver an exceptional leave experience

Each year ~10% of your people will experience a seismic personal event that requires leave. It’s hard to overstate the value of being there for them in a time of need.

Dramatically reduce support requests & escalations

Despite your portal and third-party administrator, leaves are still a top 3 support issue. Stop the noise and escalations that overwhelm your HR team.

Maximize health & family benefits value

Struggling with adoption of health & family benefits? Ensure the right people find the right support on their leave journey.

Achieve business continuity

How do you make leave work for the business? Support managers so that they can set-up the employee and team for success.

Get the data & insights your HR team needs

Paid time off is a large investment. Get the data, insights and feedback you need to understand this critical moment that matters.

Existing solutions put compliance and claims at the center of everything. We think that spot belongs to the employee.

Claims Centric

  • Process the claim
  • Portal, phone, fax, snail mail
  • Employee learns laws/policies
  • React, manage exceptions
  • Protect employer

Experience Centric

  • Support the journey
  • Digital, mobile, personalized
  • System learns employee
  • Give visibility, anticipate needs
  • Support employee, manager, HR, family

Our vision is that ALL employees have the time-off and support needed to be at their best.

Life is never a straight line.

There are detours, setbacks…some celebratory, some heartbreaking, all requiring a leave of absence. What a company does at this pivotal moment can define their relationship with the employee, and their culture, for the long haul.

Veer is an opportunity to do better. Way better. To take care of someone when they’re most vulnerable. And to do it in a way that lifts up everyone from employee to manager to HR.

Veer is a high-tech company based in Silicon Valley. We’re working with leading employers who share this vision. See where Veer can take you.